Telangana government to provide free vaccine for everyone: KCR

Hyderabad: To ensure that the COVID-19 vaccination reaches everyone faster, the government of Telangana will vaccinate the state’s entire population free of cost irrespective of age. The decision was announced in a statement from his office on Saturday. It also added that as of now, out of Telangana’s four crore population, 35 lakh people have already received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The chief minister said that it would cost more than Rs 2500 crores to vaccinate everyone. However, taking into consideration the importance the lives of people, the “amount is worth spending”, added the statement. KCR issued instructions to this effect to the chief secretary of Telangana Somesh Kumar and other officers of the Medical and Health department.

Accordingly, KCR instructed that necessary steps to be initiated to administer vaccination to all. Bharath Biotech is producing vaccine and in addition to it, several institutions including Dr. Reddy’s Labs are coming forward to produce vaccine in India. “Hence there will be no dearth for vaccination. In a couple of days after undergoing necessary medical tests and after completely recovering he would hold a high-level review meeting with concerned officials and follow it with personal monitoring of vaccination program,” said the chief minister’s statement.

In addition to vaccination program, said the CM, that necessary steps would be taken to see that there is no shortage of the Remdesivir drug as well as other medicines required for the treatment of COVID-19 and also oxygen. The chief minister also assured that the government would go all out to protect “people from corona” and also asked the public to not “become panicky”.

KCR, in his statement, said that a large scale sanitation program will also be taken up and that the government will take all necessary care to ensure that there are beds of medicines. He also asked people “not be careless in their day-to-day life”, and appealed against mass gatherings and participation in processions. He also asked people to not venture out, unless it is “absolutely necessary”.

“They better avoid to come out and observe self- discipline,” KCR’s statement mentioned, and the welfare of people is very important to the government and that “it will do all that can be done to protect them from