Telangana to give pack for NRIs to boost tourism

Hyderabad: In a move aimed at boosting the tourism industry, Telangana government will come up with an exclusive package for NRIs to attract their friends and acquaintances in foreign countries to visit the youngest state.

Tourism Secretary B Venkatesham said the package is expected to be launched in the second or third week of next month.

“This package will be exclusively available for NRIs (from Telangana) to send it their friends and known acquaintances in that country. So, it’s like they will be visiting Telangana as personal guest of that NRI so that without much of advertising..we will be getting around three to four lakh NRIs-foreign tourists per year.It’s a big number”, he told PTI here.

Venkatesham said the Government also planned to host an NRI Day in October-November.

Officials said an estimated 30,000 Telangana NRIs are expected to participate in it, adding, Telangana NRI Associations are active in many countries including the USA, the UK, South Africa and Bahrain.

The Tourism department also plans to come out with “Hyderabad Pass” on the lines of “London Pass” next month.

“All details are being worked out. Now, we are looking at budget; how much we can subsidise”, he said.

Officials said “Hyderabad Pass” is expected to give hassle-free access to tourists in key destinations, among other features, details of which are being finalised.

Venkatesham said Telangana is positioning itself as a place to visit “for all reasons and all seasons”.

As a “new kid on the block, as he put it, an enthusiastic Telananga is the youngest state, but with the oldest possible history.

“Telangana is one of the most ancient inhabited place in India. So, if you go to history, we are one of the oldest, but we are the newly formed State. We have enthusiasm of the youngest person, but at the same time, experience of the oldest person”, he said.