Diwali: Here are some fire safety tips, emergency helplines

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services (SDR & FS) department has issued safety measures ahead of Diwali. The department asked people to exercise caution while bursting firecrackers and advised them to keep a first-aid kit and eye drops along with blankets and water at hand. If the clothes catch fire, douse the fire by putting a blanket on it or pour water and roll, which is the ‘stop, drop and roll’ procedure.

In case of smoke or fire, the public is requested to inform the fire department by calling the given numbers or the nearest fire station.

V Papaiah, regional fire officer asked people to purchase firecrackers from licensed traders. “There are 4,435 licensed traders in the state among whom 556 are in Hyderabad and 229 are in Ranga Reddy district.”

The department is also deploying fire vehicles and manpower in strategic places to respond immediately to any fire calls. “All cops serving in the fire control room have already had their leaves cancelled, and they will all be handling crisis calls,” Papaiah stated.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for this year’s Diwali


  • Buy fireworks only from licensed shop.
  • Store crackers away from sources of fire or ignition.
  • Never leave children alone while playing with firecrackers.
  • Wear thick cotton clothes while bursting crackers to ensure maximum saftey from fire.
  • Only one person should light a firecracker at a time; others should watch from a safe distance.
  • Light crackers in an open spaces like playground and fields.
  • Always use a long candle or phuljhari for lighting crackers.
  • Keep two buckets of water handy. In case of burns, pour lots of water on the affected area.
  • For major burns, after putting out the fire, wrap the victim in a clean bedsheet and rush to a hospital.
  • Always use a protective shatter proof googles while bursting firecrackers.


  • Store them near burning candles, diyas or agarbathis.
  • Bend over the crackers while lighting them.
  • Light crackers while holding them in your hand.
  • Light crackers inside a container, like a bottle, tin can or overturned pot. This can be very dangerous.
  • Wait for a while before approaching crackers that do not light immediately.