Telangana: Find COVID-19 resources for patients, families here

Hyderabad: With the second wave of COVID-19 and increasing number of cases everyday, the demand for COVID-19 essentials like Remdesivir injections, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and plasma donors has increased massively once again.

There is a constant demand for doctors and with shortage of essentials and lack of proper information, there is panic everywhere in the state. More than the virus, there is confusion: where to get help from, where to get the right essentials and who to consult for the treatment?

There is information available online, but is is mostly scattered and a lot of it goes unnoticed. Morover, false information spreads quickly like a wildfire. To avoid this and have a clear clarity about COVID related qualms, some people here have stepped forward to provide authentic and quick help to those who are looking for the right resources.

Vensy Krishna, a Hyderabad based lawyer and entrepreneur, has come up with an app she created that helps you to acquire all necessary information about the resources for fighting COVID-19.

The Hyderabad COVID resources app has an extensive collection of resources to find the best and fast help in the city for anyone fighting the virus. It will provide with the right information on ambulances, nearest blood banks, availability of plasma etc.

You can check the hydcovidresources app here.

An Alumni from Osmania medical college, Ifrah Fatima, has also collected information on the list of doctors who are volunteering to advise and help manage mild COVID patients over the phone as well. You can find the list of doctors and their contacts here :

At times like these, the social media has been a savior to many because of how quick one can get information on anything and also the easier access to doctors, ambulances and people in power.

You can also find information on COVID-19 related hopsitals in the state of Telangana on the official website.