Telangana farmers to hold ‘Kisaan Bagh’ against Centre’s farm laws

Hyderabad: In an intensified protest against the farm laws passed by the central government, the farmer unions of Telangana on Monday said that they would hold ‘Kisaan Bagh’ in all the districts of the state, similar to that of Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

A round-table meeting of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the farmer unions, led by Tahreek Muslim Shabban (TMS), was held in solidarity with the ‘Kisaan Movement’ against the agri-marketing laws enacted at the Centre in September. Sikh and Kisaan organizations of Hyderabad and various social organizations, social activists groups attended the conference at Abids.

Convener of the JAC and president of the TMS Mushtaq Malik said that ‘Kisaan Baghs’ will be formed in all districts of district and protests against the Central laws will be intensified. “We want farmers to lead this agitation, we are associating with various farmers groups and soon a voice will rise against farm bills in Hyderabad,” he added.

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“This movement belongs to every citizen of the country and must not be limited to farmers. The BJP is connecting the farmers’ protest to Khalistan, just like a protest of Muslims is connected to Pakistan. The Modi government is dividing the country,” Malik commented, in a media briefing here on Monday.

Malik, who was also the organizer of the Million March against the CAA and NRC in Hyderabad, gave a clarion call to the farmers to join them. “The BJP-led government’s apathy is adding to the people’s miseries and the policies are only facilitating the corporate,” he said.

Prof. Kodandaram, Rafeeq Rashadi, Sardar Indar Singh (chairman- Gowliguda Gurudwara Committee), Sardar Jogendar Singh (General Secretary Gowliguda Gurudwara Committee), Sardar Darshan Singh, Amjadullah Khan Khaled (MBT), Dr Aleem Khan Falki, Rasheed Rashadi, Kamal Athar,  Prof. Anwar Khan and others participated in the round table meeting.