Telangana Elections: Two surveys predict hung assembly

As the elections have concluded in Telangana, survey predictions are out through the various news agencies. Some surveys show a clear victory for the ruling TRS in the present Assembly elections in the State while some shows a hung assembly.

The latest survey by India Today Political Stock Exchange has predicted that the TRS will be victorious once again in the present elections, as more than half the people are in its favour.

Another survey jointly conducted by Namasthe Telangana and T News has said that TRS is likely to bag 98 to 108 seats, while MIM will get seven and the Kutami only 2 to 8 seats. The survey revealed that the people are highly appreciative of the welfare schemes implemented by the TRS government.

Picture: Ndtv

Jan Ki Baat, C-Voter seemed to predict a hung Assembly, projecting 50-65 seats for the TRS, 38-52 for the main Opposition, 4-7 seats for the BJP and 8-14 seats for others.

A close contest between Congress and TRS has been predicted by the NETA saying that the TRS could win 57 seats and Congress 46. It gave the other parties 10 seats and the BJP six.