Telangana: EC letter to appeal for enrollment in voters list

Hyderabad: In an innovative public outreach program, the State Election Commission has decided to distribute letters among 1.04 crore households of the state requesting them to enroll legal age residents in the voter list.
The commission will also encourage them to convey problems or issues that they might face during the enrollment process.

Sharing details of this initiative, Rajat Kumar, Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC), Telangana told ANI, “We have started an initiative in Telangana for the first time in which we will send letters through postcards to around 1.04 crores households of the state asking them to enroll for the electoral process. Also, each household can write to us about any difficulties they are facing in the process.”

“We are conducting special summary revision for electoral rolls. All the youngsters who have turned 18 years on or before December 31, 2018, shall be eligible for the revision. We are also addressing all the certain issues that were faced in the last elections polls like deletion of names among others,” he added.

CEC Kumar also talked about the all-party meeting conducted by the state election commission.

“An all-party meeting was conducted yesterday and we have received many suggestions. Some parties have said that the names of many voters went missing from the list in the last elections. Many voters have been deleted as part of verification in the year 2015, owing to death or relocation. Very few would have been deleted mistakenly but now with this campaign, we expect to receive all the names that were wrongly deleted.”

During last assembly elections, which concluded in December 2018, Telangana had 2.8 crore electors, who had sealed the fate of a total number of 1821 candidates.