Telangana: Dalit youths immolate against injustices

Hyderabad: Two Dalit youths sprinkled petrol on their bodies and attempted to immolate themselves in front of local MLA’s office in Husnabad town of Siddipet District.

Two youths, M. Srinivas (38), Y. Prasad Ramulu (42) contacted a local MLA Bala Kishan. During the discussions, they indulged in heated arguments, after which, Srinivas and Ramulu bought petrol from the nearby petrol bunk and sprinkled it on their bodies. They were rushed to Yashoda hospital of Secunderabad where they are undergoing treatment. It is reported that there is anger among the Dalits for not doing justice to their community. Opposition parties are also raising their voice in favour of these communities.

Police pickets have been posted in the villages.

–Siasat News