Telangana: Dalit girl found dead, family alleges rape and murder

Kothagudem:  On July 8, a 17-year old Dalit girl, who was allegedly raped and murdered according to the family, was found dead on the railway tracks connecting to the Garimellapadu village. According to the sources, the girl’s dead body was found naked and bruised.

A resident of Ganga Bishen Basti of Kothagudem, the girl recently completed her Intermediate.

Locals claim that the girl’s ex-boyfriend might have sexually assaulted and killed her. Another local report on social media claims that the parents found her talking to a guy in the neighborhood, which escalated into a brawl between both the families involved. The girl is known to be missing after the episode. The girl’s parents filed a missing report with the local police station, but to no avail.

According to the preliminary investigation by the Government Railway Police, the minor died in a train accident. Police believe that the girl could have been hit by a train scheduled between 2 AM and 3 AM. The post-mortem confirmed this. However, due to suspicions, the police said that the suicide angle cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile, many took to social media to express outrage about this incident. A petition to deliver justice to the girl’s family is being shared all over the internet. “The police have actually been denying solid evidence solely because of this boy’s political background,” the petition states. The petition also points out that the case is not being prioritized because of the girl’s Dalit identity.

The police, however, denied these claims made on social media platforms.