Telangana cold wave, numerous homeless at risk

Hyderabad: As Cold wave strengthens its grip across the state, the safety of many a homeless are at risk. The state meteorological department has warned of a dip in temperature from December 19 to 23.

A weather expert by the name T. Balaji put out a Tweet on Saturday, regarding the dip in temperature, “SEVERE COLD WAVE WARNING, During December 19-23, there will be massive drop in temperatures in entire #Telangana including #Hyderabad Refer below map for district wise forecast “. read the tweet

The Tweet has led people to question the government’s preparedness to support the homeless during the cold wave.

A few reactions to the Tweet

Donita Jose , a city-based reporter questioned the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, asking, “Hi @GHMCOnline hope you are making arrangements to shift thousands of homeless individuals to shelters”

While a few other questions as to why the state has a high number of homeless people

Ravikant Reddy a Twitter user asked why are people homeless and jobless despite the increasing demand for labour in the construction sector in the state?

Earlier this week, the weather forecast read Serilingampally recorded a temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius on Friday, as minimum temperatures continue to dip in Hyderabad.

As opposed to the normal temperature of 18 degrees at this time of the month, the city recorded 13 degrees Celsius on Friday. The IMD-Hyderabad has issued a yellow alert for the city till December 19. An orange alert has also been issued for December 20 and 21.