Telangana: CM assures to transform Hyderabad into ‘best cities’

Hyderabad: Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday has assured to transform Hyderabad into one of the best cities in India.

He added that even if harsh decisions and policy reforms are needed to transform Hyderabad they will be taken up by the Government, Hans India.

Cm has also called in Danam Nagender, TRS party leader and other party leaders to set aside their differences or any other issues to work together to transform the city.

The CM added, there are yet many challenges standing ahead in this vision which needs attention and has to be solved properly.

He said Hyderabad is short of lung spaces and the government does not want murky water to flow into Musi.

He also mentioned that Hyderabad trusted TRS and gave 99 seats in the GHMC elections which is the highest in GHMC’s history and the party has not failed the expectations of ensuring no communal riots happen in the city.