Telangana: Class IV student beaten for not tying hair properly

Hyderabad: Authorities of Oxford Grammar School suspended one of their staff’s for allegedly thrashing a girl student for not tying her hair properly.

The incident is reported from Hyderabad’s school located in Himayathnagar, TOI reported.

According to the parents of the class IV student, the girl’s science teacher Sita Lakshmi thrashed their girl for not tying her properly.

A case against the school authorities under the Juvenile Justice Act was filed by the Narayanaguda Police after the girl’s parents filed a complaint against the teacher on Saturday.

The parents in their complaint also alleged that the teacher used to subject other children to corporal punishments.

“My little girl has been punished several times in the past. When we approached the school management for the first time, they assured us that would organise counselling sessions for teachers so that such incidents were not repeated. When she was punished again in October 2017, the school tried to protect themselves saying that the teacher is new and is unaware of the school’s stand against corporal punishment,” said Nandini B, parent of the girl.

“This time when it happened, we had enough. They can’t just keep punishing our girl for silly reasons and expect us to keep silent every time,” she added.

However, the school authorities deny the parents claim and said the parents are only exaggerating the matter and that they have already suspended the science teacher.

“The parents are simply blowing the issue out of proportion,” says HM Fahmida, Oxford Grammar School.

She said that the management has already enquired about the incident from the students present in class during that time, and found that the punishment meted out to her was not “severe” as the mother claimed.