Telangana CJ expresses deep concern over pollution at Hussain Sagar

Hyderabad: The Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Justice Satish Chandra Sharma expressed his deep concern over the extent of pollution at Hussain Sagar. “Even though the state government makes tall claims to fight the pollution, I could not stay even for 5 minutes at Hussain Sagar,” he said.

The Chief Justice said that it is not only the duty of the government but every citizen to fight pollution and keep the environment clean.

The Chief Justice has inaugurated the State Environment Appellate Authority’s new office at Nampally Gagan Vihar. Its Chairman Justice Prakash was also present on the occasion.

Citing his personal experience during his visit to Hussain Sagar the Chief Justice said: “I heard that Hussain Sagar is the best place for picnic and recreation in the city. I told my driver to take me to Hussain Sagar. I reached the place with my secretary and driver but I was not able to stay there even for 5 minutes. I realize the extent of damage done to the environment.”

“While returning to the High court I noticed a nalla but I was told that it is not a nalla but the famous Musi river of the city. I was shocked to learn this. I appeal to everyone to keep Hyderabad free from pollution. This is our duty to give a clean environment to our forthcoming generations,” Mr Sharma said.