Telangana Budget: Rs 1602 crore allotted for minorities’ welfare

Hyderabad: The Telangana government on Thursday announced an allotment of Rs 1,602 crore for the Minority Welfare department in its 2021-22 annual budget.

Finance minister T Harish Rao said that the amount government spent on minority welfare between 2008-2014 in the undivided Andhra Pradesh was Rs 812 crore, while the total the current Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government has spent Rs 5,712 crore towards the same in the last six years.  

Harish Rao added that Rs 561 crore has been allocated for Telangana minority Residential Schools, said the minister, pointing out that at the time of Telangana’s formation there were only 12 minority residential schools.

“To enable the minorities to progress in education minority more 192 residential Schools have been established. Fifty percent of the schools are exclusively for the girls belonging to Minority community to enable them to become self-reliant stand on their own,” he said.

For the construction of the Islamic Cultural Convention Centre, the government has allotted 10 acres of land in Kokapeta. Works will commence very shortly, the finance minister stated.

For a group of 100 minority students preparing for Civil Services examinations, the government is organizing quality training courses at a place and educational institution of their choice.

For 1,684 Minority students willing to pursue their education abroad, an amount of Rs.294 crore has been sanctioned under
Overseas Scholarship Scheme. Construction of buildings for 54 minority residential schools  also has been taken up at a cost of Rs.1054 crore.

Harish Rao further said that state festivals are celebrated on a grand scale, and that on these occasions new clothes have been distributed to 7 lakh poor Muslims and Christians.