Telangana BJP MLA warns of ‘unpleasant situation’ over beef on Bakri Eid

Hyderabad: Controversial BJP MLA from Hyderabad T Raja Singh on Sunday threatened to cause ‘an unpleasant situation’ in the city if ‘you do not respect our religious beliefs’.

He was referring to alleged slaughtering of oxen for food on Bakri Eid, according to a report.

T Raja Singh, who had earlier justified attacks on those who consume beef, issued an open warning to the government and police against the alleged slaughtering of oxen during the Bakri Eid festival.

In a video message posted on his Facebook page, the BJP MLA alleged that the Telangana government and the police is defying the Supreme Court guidance by allowing slaughtering of healthy cattle.

He added “slaughtering of cow, calf and ox are prohibited but ignoring this various parts of the old city area are going to witness the violation on Bakr-Eid”.

Government should immediately rescue all these healthy cattle brought for slaughtering on Bakri Eid, he said. He recommended examination of these cattle by veterinary doctors.

Issuing a veiled threat, T Raja Singh warned the government that if they fail to act it might ‘vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the state as well as the city.’