Telangana: At least 100 persons drown in 90 days

Hyderabad: At least 100 persons drowned in the past 90 days in Telangana’s water bodies. Most of them had accidentally slipped into the water.

Since October 1, Medak district recorded 50 deaths, Sangareddy and Siddipet districts recorded 36 and 14 deaths respectively.

As these water bodies are full due to heavy rainfall in the last monsoon, people are getting attracted.


Many persons drown when they try to go closer to the tanks for fishing without precautions and knowledge.

Despite less number of water bodies in Medak District when compared to Siddipet and Sangareddy, it recorded more number of cases than other two districts.

Talking to newsmen, a local by name B Subhash said that Irrigation Department must place signboards at all the water bodies. It should also appoint a person per water body to ensure safety of the visitors.