Telangana Assembly polls: Lakhs of OU students decide to campaign against TRS

Hyderabad: Ahead of Telangana Assembly polls, lakhs of Osmania University Students decided to campaign against ruling TRS party. Various student organizations took oath in this regard.

According to the report published in Times of India, around 14 lakh unemployed youth decided to campaign against TRS by touring various villages of the State.

One of the twitter accounts by name ‘Sagar’ tweeted, “For the first time, OU students irrespective of their organisations promised not to vote for TRS. About 14 lakh unemployed youth promised to tour across Telanganaand tell people not to vote for TRS. This is conducted by OU JAC”.

Talking to media, K. Manavatha Roy, Chairman of Nirudyoga Vidyarthi Joint Action Committee (JAC) said that already 20-30 unemployed youths started campaign in Narsampet Village.