Telangana assembly lacks Urdu translators: Zahed Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Chief Editor Siasat Daily Mr. Zahed Ali Khan stressed the need for government level measures to promote calligraphy. He was addressing the inaugural function of Calligraphy exhibition and training programme here at Salarjung Museum which was organised by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, New Delhi. He further said although Urdu is the 2nd official language of Telangana state, none of the ministers has Urdu translators, as a result Urdu knowing population face a lot of difficulty.

Mr. Zahed Ali Khan lamented upon the pathetic condition of calligraphers and said that no one is there to look after the persons associated with such a noble profession. Calligraphers are leading a miserable life today, he asserted. Citing the incident of Mukassari Shah Mr. Khan said Mukassari Shahi was not even provided with bed while he was undergoing treatment at NIMS hospital. He was supplied bed only after Siasat’s took the initiative and made representation, he said. He also gave example of calligraphy expert Nayeem Saberi who is ill; such artists need government level support, so that calligraphy can be promoted, maintained Siasat editor. He also appealed general people to extend financial help to calligraphers by purchasing their calligraphic works of art.

Mr. Zahed Ali Khan revealed that Siasat also organised exhibition of calligraphic works of art in Chicago. Siasat has so far spent 1.5 Cr to promote the calligraphic art so that the great art can be preserved. He also stressed the need for government’s patronage to Urdu language.

Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana state Mohammed Mahmood Ali announced to give Life Time achievement awards to calligraphic experts on the occasion of National Education Day.

Prof. Irteza Karim Director NCPUL, Prof. S A Shukoor, Secretary Urdu Academy and Mr. Ahmed Ali also addressed on the occasion.

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