Telangana Assembly Elections: KCR retaliates; asks Modi to stop spreading false propaganda

Mahbubnagar: TRS supreme KCR too addressed a public rally in response to PM Modi’s allegations in Mahbubnagar during the saffron patty’s rally to garner votes and win Telangana people.

Attacking Modi, CM KCR said: “I did not think Narendra Modi is such a senseless person to lie that there is a problem of power supply in the state.”

Challenging him to prove his allegation of power supply shortage in Nizamabad, he said: “I dare him to fly down to Nizamabad. I will also reach there. I am ready to debate with him and call his bluff.”

Criticizing PM for his false propaganda in Telangana state, KCR added “It is so disgraceful that someone of the stature of a PM spreads falsehoods.”

BJP party leaders love to stay in the limelight with their irresponsible and bold remarks giving the vibe of owning the nation whose constitution, freedom rights to its citizens can any time, be amended, as they please or deem fit right for the sake of majority community, sidelining minority communities.

Launching a direct attack at BJP chief Amit Shah and PM Modi, KCR challenged the saffron party to prove their allegations made against the TRS government in the state, TOI reportsKCR