Most TS pvt school teachers haven’t received financial aid: Survey

Hyderabad: Last month, Telangana government launched a scheme to provide financial aid to private school teachers in the state amid COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced that all school teachers and staff working in private educational institutions would get Rs 2,000 and 25 kg of rice per month. It was also declared that the assistance will continue till educational institutions are reopened.

To know the ground reality, 10 volunteer teachers from budget private schools who themselves didn’t receive the financial aid conducted the survey (click here to take part in the survey) with the help of Bharat Dekho, a group of young volunteers trying to support the teaching community who have been financially and emotionally stressed at this point of time.

The result of the survey is surprising.

What survey revealed?

So far, 306 persons took part in the survey and 249 out of them have submitted their documents to get the financial assistance. Out of the total persons who have submitted document, 77.5 percent i.e., 193 claimed that they have not received financial assistance from the government whereas, 80 percent i.e., 199 said that they did not get rice bag.

70 percent of the persons who took part in the survey claimed that they have neither received financial assistance nor rice bag.

Some of the statements made by the teachers during the survey are, “It always happens like this, in every scheme only few enjoy the benefits and the rest will suffer with hopelessness”, ” I don’t know why that other teacher in my school got it and I didn’t. I worked in the school for almost 9 years and I am the senior most teacher in the school” and ” I have been told that I will get in the second phase. But God knows when the second phase is. I am in desperate need of money”.

Getting benefits under scheme becoming difficult

Due to the pandemic, all most all the educational institutions in the country are impacted. Private school teachers are left jobless. In such a difficult time, the financial assistance announcement by the Telangana government was a ray of hope for the private school teachers but getting the benefits under the scheme is becoming another painful struggle for them.