Telangana announces 9,200 vacancies for Panchayat Raj secretaries

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has announced 9,200 vacancies for Panchayat Raj secretaries.

The Chief Minister instructed the concerned officials to commence the recruitment process within a week and complete it within two months.

He also conveyed the message that if the secretaries work hard Telangana could be a role model for the nation.

“If only they work with commitment there would be sea change within two to three years Telangana villages will become role models in the country and will be known all over the country that role model villages exist only in Telangana,” said the Chief Minister.

He added that the state government is implementing various development programs for every village as they believe that “the development of the country lies in the development of villages”.

“The Government has taken up and implementing a variety of programmes to make every village as a development centre and as a model to other states. We believe that the development of the country lies in the development of the village and only when villages are developed the country would be developed. Hence Government gives top priority and a special focus on villages,” Rao added.

The new Panchayat Raj secretaries, who would play a key role in taking the village towards all-around progress, will be recruited on a probation period of three months and regularised later.

The state has 12,751 village panchayats, out of which 3562 villages have regular secretaries.

The process of recruitment, the roles and responsibilities of the secretaries and all other concerned issues would be handled by Panchayat Raj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao, Chief Secretary S.K Joshi, Panchayat Raj Principal Secretary Vikas Raj, and Commissioner Neetu Prasad. (ANI)