Telangana: Animal lover since child, this 21-year-old rescued 120 animals so far

Hyderabad: 21-year-old Mohammad Suma did not think twice when she risked her life and entered a 40-feet deep well to rescue a fox that had fallen inside. Unfortunately, by the time she managed to get the fox out of the well, it had died.

An animal lover ever since she was a child, Suma saved over 120 animals so far.

A native of Telangana’s Mahabubabad district, Suma responds immediately on receiving information of any animal or bird being in distress and helps rehabilitate them at the right shelter. She tries to cure wounded and injured animals by treating them.

Besides entering the 40-feet well to rescue fox, she also built a shed for recovering animals at her home is on hand to rescue animals at any time and has even rescued dangerous animals like pythons.

Whether it is 10 am or 10 pm, the 21-year-old is always on hand to rescue animals and is determined to do so at any cost. As soon as she gets a call regarding an animal in distress on her mobile phone or via the toll-free animal mobile medical ambulance number (1962), Suma, armed with a rope, a gunny bag, and gloves, goes to the spot to rescue the animal. 

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Suma said she was inspired by her parents who also worked to conserve the environment and she began rescuing animals at the tender age of 11.

“While studying in class V, I rescued an injured pig. Whenever I would get a call during nighttime, my father would accompany me for the rescue operation,” she said. Sometimes her work is quite dangerous. A few years ago, Suma caught a python and handed it over to the Forest Department officials.