Telangana, Andhra Pradesh second in alcohol consumption

Hyderabad: Urban men of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh stand second in India for consuming alcohol with a share of 37.4 percent, according to the Urban Nutrition Report by National Institute of Nutrition.

As per a report by Deccan Chronicle, Andaman and Nicobar topped the survey with 51.3 percent, which was carried out in urban areas. Also, it was found that overall 16 percent adult men consumed tobacco in some form or the other and 30 percent men consumed alcohol.

West Bengal was the highest in smoking at 40.6 percent. While Andhra Pradesh and TS ranked fifth highest in the country for smoking at 19.8 percent.

Scientists observed that foods high in fat, salt and sugar were being consumed with alcohol leading to a higher association of hypertension in men.

Nutritionist Dr U. Sree said, “High cholesterol and triglycerides levels show that men are indulging in a risky behaviour, and is seen in the annual health check-ups. Professionals are not forthcoming about their habits. Giving up alcohol totally is the only solution but it has few takers. People in this category are put on diet changes and medication for problems of grade 2 fatty liver.”