Telangana: 73 of 119 newly elected MLAs have criminal past, claims ADR

Hyderabad: The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) claims that 73 out of 119 newly elected MLAs in Telangana have declared “criminal cases” against themselves.

The ADR in a report released in Hyderabad on Thursday said, “Out of 119 MLAs analysed during Telangana Assembly elections as many as 73 MLAs have declared criminal cases against themselves, which is a five per cent increase as compared to 67 MLAs or 56 per cent in 2014 Assembly.”

About 40 per cent or 47 of the sitting MLAs of Telangana have also declared to have serious criminal cases against them including cases related to attempt to murder, a crime against women too, revealed the report.

A group of professors from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad in1999 established ADR which aims at improving governance and strengthening democracy by continuous work in the area of electoral and political reforms.

ADR has been particular in highlighting corruption and criminalisation in the political process. This report came just two days after the results of Telangana Assembly elections were declared.