Telangana: 700 more vials of Amphotericin B allocated to fight black fungus

Hyderabad: The union health ministry on Tuesday allocated an additional 700 Amphotericin B vials for treatment of COVID-19 recovered patients suffering from Mucormycosis (aka Black Fungus) to Telangana.

The fresh allocation of the anti-fungal drug is in addition to the 890 vials that were released by the Centre last Friday.

The Centre has allocated 19,420 extra vials of Amphotericin on Tuesday, in addition to the 23,680 vials that were released earlier on May 21 to all States. In the first phase of allocation, the Centre had allotted 1050 Amphotericin-B vials to Telangana.

Later, more cases of black fungus started to get reported, the Centre in the second phase allotted 890 vials.

Given the caseload of Mucormycosis, which stands at 500 patients by rough estimates in Telangana, the allocation so far will not be sufficient to meet the overall demand for the antifungal drug, the officials informed.