Telangana: 6-days old newborn abducted from Koti Maternity hospital

Hyderabad: A newborn baby girl of six days born to Vijaya and Mari Sabawat was kidnapped from Koti Maternity Hospital at 12 noon on Monday.

The newborn was abducted after the couple brought the child for immunization, while the mother waited for her turn and the father went out to get Addhar Xerox required by the hospital, DC reported.

Vijaya had delivered the child on June 27 and visited the hospital with her husband and child. Waiting for her turn, feeling weak and restless, she handed her new born baby to a woman wearing purplish blue sari thinking of her a hospital’s staff.

Vijaya said, “I thought she was one of the hospital staff and was assisting me. Hence I gave the child and also the papers. But when she didn’t come back after an hour I realised that something was wrong.”

Unable to find the woman with their child the couple searched the hospital but got no results.

A hospital staff on condition of staying anonymous said: “We have security at the gate which allows only 10 women at a time. The papers are checked before letting a woman out with the child. In Vijaya’s case, she gave the papers and the child to the woman, hence the security let the suspected leave.”

According to Inspector P Shiva Shanker of Sultanbazar, the woman abductor was last seen on MGBS bus stand revealed CCTV video footage.