Telangana: 20-year-old girl stripped, burnt her private parts and paraded naked in public

Warangal: On Monday, a 20-year-old girl, Anitha was stripped, assaulted and paraded naked in public by the relatives of her husband’s first wife in DC Thanda of Wardhannapet in Warangal District. They even beat her brutally and burnt her private parts with a burning piece of wood.

Police rescued the girl and sent her to local hospital. Later, police registered a case against nine people including husband, Banoth Ravi and his first wife, Swaroopa.

According to police report, Ravi who had already married Swaroopa earlier, also secretly married Anitha in Tirupati in March 2015. He has two children with his first wife.

On getting the information of second marriage of her husband, Swaroopa began quarrelling with him. She took the matter to village panchayat. Ravi told that he would divorce his first wife and pay Rs. 7.5 lakh to his children.

In the meeting of the Panchayat two wives started quarrelling. Swaroopa’s relatives attacked him and he fled. They also attacked Anitha. She was stripped naked and paraded in the streets.

Police arrested Ravi and Swaroopa.