Telangana: 16 babies die at state-run Sishu Gruh in a month

Nalgonda (Telangana): At least 16 newborn babies of the government-run Sishu Gruha, a safety home for infants in Telangana’s Nalgonda district, died within a span of one month.

Taking note of the issue, an NGO has filed a petition in high court against the children home.

Speaking to ANI, child rights activist Achyuta Rao said, “it is government’s responsibility to take care of the public and when it runs child home and it is very important to take utmost care of the children living in that home.”

The activist blamed the negligence of the staff for the death of the infants and requested the government to keep proper caretakers who can take intensive care of children.

He said “the newborn babies should be fed the milk which has lactogen in it. But in this Shishu Gruha they were feeding tetra pack milk to the newborn babies, which is strictly prohibited. Having a cruel intention of looting money the staff and caretakers fed the babies with tetra pack milk which became a reason for the babies’ death.

He further alleged that the staff of the Shishu Gruha lied that the infants died as they were underweight.

“I strongly condemn this issue and to get justice I filed a writ petition in the high court by carrying all the proofs against the Shishu Gurha. I won’t leave this until the staff gets punished,” he added.(ANI)