Teenager plotted to stuff kangaroo with explosives, paint ISIS flag on it

Karachi : A 19-year-old boy in Melbourne has been accused of plotting to stuff a Kangaroo with explosives and paint the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on the animal.

According to the Daily Star, Sedvet Ramadan Besim is also accused of plotting to chop off a police officer’s head.

A court heard how the teen planned to carry out the attack on Anzac Day, an Australian remembrance day for those who died in war.

Besom allegedly made the plan on his mobile and chatted online with friends overseas about it.

He pleaded not guilty to four charges and was sent to the Supreme Crown Court.

He was arrested on April 18, last year after cops raided several homes, arresting five teenagers, seizing knives and swords.

Cops also said Besim is motivated by an extremist ideology and declared his support for ISIS. (ANI)