If ‘teen Talaq’ will invite 3 years’ punishment, would it be 7 years’ punishment for those who take ‘saath phere’?

Marine Lines: A meeting was held at Islam Gymkhana, Marine Lines in which advocates discussed the loopholes of ‘triple Talaq’ bill and its harmful effects.

Advocate Qazi Mahtab Husaini said it is not appropriate to give triple Talaq in one sitting but when it is done it is binding. He said as it is being proposed 3 years’ punishment for those who give triple Talaq, will those who takes seven rounds around the pyre will get 7 years punishment? Advocate Qazi Mahtab in the light of statistics told that there are 4 Cr widows in the country, 20 Cr untouchables, over 20 lakh husbands have abandoned their wives without giving divorce, which means they are neither accepted by the husbands nor freed to perform second marriage. He asked what the government is thinking about those women? Suspecting the intention of the government, Qazi Mahtab said, compared to other issues, triple Talaq incidents are very low. Still the government is presenting the issue as if it is the only important issue. Court cases reveal that Hindu mothers and sisters are far more aggrieved than Muslim women.

Advocate Mubeen Solkar proposed that even if the bill is sent to select committee we should not remain silent. We should form a team comprising of scholars and advocates. He said awareness should be created among Muslim women that if the bill is 1% harmful for men it is 100% destructive for women.

Advocate Eijaz Naqvi suggested to take out peaceful rally and move to Supreme Court.

Advocate Yousuf Abrahani said the bill is actually the part of vote bank politics.