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Teen jumps from seventh floor, kills himself over online suicide challenge

Teen jumps from seventh floor, kills himself over online suicide challenge
Pic: India Today

Mumbai: A 14-year-old boy allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the seventh-floor terrace of an Andheri (east) building on Saturday, Meghwadi police officials said. His suicide was part of an online suicide Blue Whale Game/Challenge.

Manpreet’s browsing records and mobile phone were checked by the police and they unofficially confirmed the cause of his suicide. Manpreet Singh had discussed the online game with his friends in a WhatsApp group. The police will also examine Singh’s laptop that is password-protected.
The online game, over a period of 50 days, ends with daring a participant to take the challenge for committing suicide, reports DC.

The Class IX student is probably the first victim of the game in India that has so far allegedly killed many in Russia and Europe. The police have questioned his school friends about his involvement in the game but nothing has been ruled out. No cut marks were found on his body.

The police will question the members of the WhatsApp group where Singh had discussed Blue Whale Challenge. On the condition of anonymity, the officials investigating this case revealed that Singh, who had jumped after shooting a video of himself while walking on the parapet of the terrace, was connected to the Blue Whale challenge. The officials added that Singh’s parents and friends were unaware of his participation in such a game.

ACP Milind Khetle was contacted, he said, “The case is being investigated with all the possible angles and one of them is the Blue Whale challenge. So far nobody knew about his involvement in the game, we couldn’t rule out or confirm anything.”

ACP Khetle further added, “We could not meet his family members as they have gone to Nashik to perform post-death rituals.” Singh did not leave behind any suicide note and the police have filed an Accidental Death Report.