Teen hacks into Apple network, stores stolen data in an obvious folder

California: An Australian teenager reportedly hacked into Apple’s network to steal secure files and access customer accounts only to store the data in a folder obviously titled “hacky hack hack”.

The schoolboy in question was found bypassing online systems since the age of 16 and developed computerised tunnels to hide his identity.

However, the FBI was able to raid on his family home and uncover the hacking files and instructions saved in that folder, The Age reported.

The Children’s Court said that the teen had downloaded about 90GB of data and accessed customer accounts. The investigation revealed that he used a software that enabled hacking into the Apple network. The teen was able to access authorised keys are part of the illegal access and used WhatsApp to communicate about it.

He had been accessing Apple’s mainframe on multiple occasions over a year, simply because he was a fan of the company. He later told the police that he had dreamed of working for the tech giant. (ANI)