Teen with epilepsy and autism was forced off an Emirates flight

Eli Brown, A teen with epilepsy (a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures) and autism (a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact) was forced off an Emirates flight, Even though he had medical clearance to fly. His mother said she called airline multiple times before flying to make staff aware of her son’s needs.

But when the family boarded the plane from Dubai to France and asked for a vacant seat next to them in case Eli had a seizure, staff said a medical certificate had to be shown and the family was forced to leave the plane.

This has been an absolutely shocking ordeal. We did provide a medical certificate saying he was fit to fly, we had his doctor on the phone certifying that he was fine to fly. Our child was really, really distressed. He bit himself because this is what happens when he shows he is upset and he didn’t want to leave the plane, He loves flying.”

“This was extremely upsetting for Eli, not only for him but for my twin sons as well. They couldn’t understand what was happening and why should we be treated his way.” said his mother.

The family ended up flying to Geneva the next day where Eli had a seizure, and the family had to drive home to Lyon.

Emirates said they have been in touch with the family and apologized for the inconvenience. His mother said she wanted the airline to give staff adequate training and to treat passengers with sensitivity.