Chicago: One of the most heinous act was reported recently were a teenager in the US was been arrested for pouring boiling water on a cat and posting the repulsive video on social media.
Leon Teague, 18, of South Side, Chicago, was charged with animal torture after he poured boiling water on a cat and posted the video of the incident on Facebook.

As the water cascaded down, the cat could be heard screaming before scurrying away, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said at Teague’s bond hearing.
“The cat…ran from one end of the porch to the other screaming in pain”, according to the police report.

Authorities who came to Teague’s apartment last week saw the scalded black and white cat in the back yard of the building. But they were unable to secure it, police said.
Teague has also been charged with misdemeanor depiction of animal cruelty. The officers came to Teague’s residence after they were alerted to the startling Facebook post that went up on the social media site last Tuesday.

Teague posted the video under his page with the name Glock Boy MurDoc, Antonietti was quoted as saying by Chicago Sun-Times. The video initially showed a pot of boiling water on the stove.
Then, a male voice could be heard luring the cat on to the back porch into the camera’s view, he said. Next, an arm can be seen pouring the water on the cat as the same voice taunts the animal. The steam is seen rising from the water as it falls, Antonietti said.

He said when police came to Teague’s door, he told them he knew they were there because of a video. As he was being questioned, Teague admitted to sharing the video.

“The video was a cat that somebody poured water on…If you think I did it, lock me up”, he was quoted as saying. Judge Peggy Chiampas Chiampas ordered Teague held in lieu of USD 10,000 bail.
If Teague cannot bond out with USD 1,000, he can be released on his own recognizance but must be placed on electronic monitoring if he qualifies, the judge said.

While he awaits trial, Teague has been barred from using any form of social media or have any pets or any access to animals.