‘Teddy Bear Museum’ to be build in Beijing

A ‘Teddy Bear Museum’ will be built in the Chinese capital that will include a Teddy-theme hotel and a low-carbon park that uses green building techniques to show children how to live an environmentally friendly life.

An agreement has been signed by the manufacturer of Teddy Bear, the Great British Teddy Bear Company and China’s Tianyou Wentou to build the museum in Beijing’s suburban district of Daxing, Xinhua reported.

The construction of the museum is expected to be finished by May 2016, according to Tianyou Wentou CEO Song Lingtao.

Currently there is one Teddy Bear Museum in Chengdu in Sichuan province.

As the world’s largest Teddy Bear Museum, the Chengdu museum not only has exhibits but also shows Teddy movies and presents Chinese elements like giant pandas and the Great Wall.