Technology only input to impact future of railways

New Delhi: Underling the importance of evolving with technology, Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that technology is the only input which can significantly impact the future of railways.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the second edition of International Conference on Technical Advancements in railway and metro projects here, the Union Railway Minister said that the best of technology available across the world have to be brought to India, to bring back the charm of travelling in the railways.

“Unless we evolve with technology and evolve with time, an organisation cannot survive. To my mind, technology is the only input which can significantly impact the future of railways as I have seen over the last one year,” Goyal said.

Goyal further hit out at the previous government for the low amount of budget sanctioned to the ministry which halted the evolution of technology.

He pointed out that the insufficient budget made the situation worse and caused the railways not to evolve into a “modern power house.”

“Railways was not able to absorb technology. It was not able to connect with the best in class with the world. We spent two and a half times more for upgrading the railways’ system,” he said while adding that whenever his government proposes to introduce new technology in India, there is a lot of resistance.

Talking about the high-speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the Railways Minister said that the concept was introduced just to bring “latest technology to the country.”

He added that he is looking to create a ‘new railway’ that will have a better level of cleanliness, quality assurance and an open-minded business outlook.