Technological tricks to ease medical appointments at 50

New Delhi [India]: Studies in the recent past have shown how prone people in their 50s are to an array of health-related issues, ranging from the common cold to a cardiac arrest. The quinquagenarian phase thus demands constant monitoring and medical check-ups.

In the wake of technological advancements, those aged 50 to 59 now have access to medical help on their fingertips, simply by downloading a range of mobile applications on their smartphones.

Here are some of the vital apps that can make your 50s healthy, available to download off Google play store:

CrediHealth: It is the search engine for health services. The app helps reduce the time involved in heading from one hospital to another for a discussion about a medical case and enquiring the cost of the treatment. It has collaborated with all leading hospitals and thus can be your aide when it comes to knowing the cost of the treatment and scheduling and paying for the treatment with the help of simple click of a button. Moreover, CrediHealth does all the exhaustive works for you from searching the hospital, booking an appointment, getting admitted to a hospital, managing the cost of the treatment and then getting discharged from the hospital.

Konsult: Konsult specialises in second opinions and post-consultation discussions. Though not all 50 plus need medical intervention but would not mind some guidance pertaining to diet, exercises and physical strength. Konsult helps resolve the dilemma of getting the second opinion or engaging in a post-consultation discussion.

Netmeds: It is advisable to have some medical help right at our doorstep. Netmeds, a medicine and wellness products delivery app will enable those in their 50s to get medicines right on time and thereby avoids the hassle of travelling.

EPsyclinic: This app helps people in getting in touch with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Additionally, it connects people with mental support groups wherein people of the same age can talk about the problems they have and how they can solve them.

Apart from the aforementioned apps, Trak N Tell is a car-tracking app that ensures the safety of both the passengers and their vehicle. Trak N Tell provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions and ensures better safety and threat elimination. Trak n N Tell’s GPS-based unit can recognise the structural dynamics of a car and adapt itself to panic and threat-based situations enabling prompt actions, thereby ensuring complete safety. (ANI)