Tech startups which made their mark in 2018

New Delhi: Mostly funded by the founders, start-ups can be best defined as baby companies. With start-ups come innovations, creations, new products, more job opportunities and the confidence to other young minds with ideas to incorporate their dreams.

Entrepreneurs have always been the shining example for the society because they not only come up with the mindset of doing business but also with the ethos of bringing new ideas for the development of the society.

2018 saw a number of start-ups and two of them came out with flying colors. Their dedication towards the betterment of India assisted them in gaining momentum in the business. Avishkaar and are two Tech companies who came out victorious in their respective businesses.

Avishkaar, a Delhi based EdTech startup dealing into manufacturing and selling of Robotics Kits said that total revenue of Rs. 2,89,42,720 in the Q3 FY 2018-2019, where the revenue generated in the Q3 FY 2017-2018 was 68,60,986. Thus, experiencing growth of 322% in sales for the company.

Avishkaar being an EdTech company assists in bringing out the masked qualities of every child with the help of new digital tools and knowledge stored on the internet. It set up around 85 robotics club and structured around 64 labs all over the country.

Besides this, Avishkaar has been organizing International Robotics Competition (IRC) School League, held in Q3, saw the participation of over 15000+ students across India since 2009 that is exclusively designed to drive student’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

IRC League invites students, coaches and all stakeholders of the society to come together and build a better world for tomorrow using the tools of Science and Technology. Avishkaar’s rationalizes to trigger students for creativity and build a scientific bent of mind.

In the Q3 FY 2017-2018, Avishkaar had products of E-series range in the market including LITE, FULL, X and Avishkaar Robby. Over and above that, Avishkaar embellished one more feather in its crown by launching Avishkaar E-Series INTRO into the market in Q3 FY 2018-2019.

Tarun Bhalla, Founder, and CEO, Avishkaar says, “We have been experiencing an upward thrust in the sales and demand of our products since the commencement of 2018-2019 FY. With the IRC School League that took place in December 2018, even the online sales saw a major hike in the Q3 FY 2018-2019. All inclusive, this Q3 FY 2018-2019 has been a glowing period for Avishkaar and it surely did stimulate us to make headway for more creativity and products.”

With an aim to treat the health issues in rural and Tier 2 cities in India, myUpchar with its online healthcare services in different cities has 1.1 crore users on its website per month. Unlike other healthcare companies who serve only the elite class people, myUpchar with its continuous efforts aspires to eradicate the healthcare problems of the rural and middle-class population. 50 percent usage of the website is dominated by the people between the age group of 25-34 years, thus showing the maximum demand for online healthcare services amongst them.

The Online health care startup, myUpchar records a 480 percent increase in the number of its users in Q3FY 2018 -19, helping it become a renowned website that offers online healthcare services. In Q3FY 2017 -18 myUpchar witnessed around 67 lakh visitors on the website which is now increased to 3.2 crores.

Even in the last quarter, the company posted over 5 lakh users per month from Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Patna, and Pune. Moreover, in 2017-2018, the company recorded 6 lakh users every month from Lucknow and Indore.

The co-Founder of myUpchar, Rajat Garg further elaborated, “With an aim to spread healthcare awareness and access problem in India, myUpchar runs India’s largest healthcare platform. We have been witnessing a substantial increase in demand amongst people especially the rural middle-class population for online healthcare services. Now with the advent of 2019, we aspire to attract a larger number of users on our website. Also, for the better convenience of the population, we are launching a user app – myUpchar App, to assist people more easily to connect to the doctors.”