‘My tears cannot be translated into data’: BS Ramulu on state of minorities

Hyderabad: BS Ramulu, Chairman of Commission for Backward Classes in Telangana slams the BJP activists who are questioning the recent hike in Muslim quota. He said the reservation for the BC-E category likely to go up by 15%, making the total reservation for BC category upto 52%, as published in Telangana Today.

“I am touched and my tears cannot be translated into data,” says emotional Chairman BS Ramulu. As worked formerly in RSS, he addresses the other activists questioning about the recent hike for Muslim Minority, asking them to go around the city and check their condition which lacks basic amenities, a city which once flourished under Nizam’s rule, now begging, at mercy of others, when such is the condition of this city, he begs to question the possible state of Muslim Minorities in other States.

He also says the hike would help the BC-E cast with education. There are about 113 castes currently registered under the BC category in the State, each caste having history over 100 years. The commission is now all set to dig deep into their histories and also around 25 other casts requesting their admission in this category.

The commission will collect the required information about there socio- economic backwardness surveying the localities and as much as records they could collect before submitting their final report.