Team Bakrid to start 3-day cleanliness drive from Monday

Hyderabad: The cleanliness drive by Team Bakrid which was launched about 4 years ago by a collective of NGOs would have a new vigour this season because its leadership has been passed on to the youth.

Team Bakrid, according to sources, is no more restricted to Hyderabad. It is now working in the entire state of Telangana and also in states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Team Bakrid, as in the past, would be working in close coordination with different government agencies such as municipality and the police. It would strive to ensure that no animal wastage is left in public view.

The team members who are mostly youngsters would ensure that wastage generated during three days of Eid (from August 12 to 14) would be taken to appointed points of wastage and garbage collection.

Team Bakrid to start 3-day cleanliness drive from Monday

The team would also attempt to create awareness about the importance of keeping the roads, streets and homes clean during the festival days.

Team Bakrid, a conglomeration of voluntary organizations, has now grown to 100, including 32 in the city alone. At the same time, the number of mosques that have been roped in has gone up to 1500 from a mere 300 until last year.

Speaking to Ilyas Shamshi, the promoter of the campaign said, “This time the number of volunteers who would be working towards cleanliness will be around 1000 to 1200.”

Mohammed Zia-ur-Rahman, the campaign convener, said that as part of the campaign, volunteers had already started meeting with officials both at local and city levels.

Besides creating awareness their crucial work is to maintain hygienic conditions during the second biggest festival of the Muslims known as Eid-ul-Adha.

 Mohammed Khaleel Ahmed, a convener of Team Bakrid, told that, “We intend not to become a cause of inconvenience to our fellow citizens.”

Authored by Mohammed Hussain