Teachers in Vadodara schools welcome students in unique way

Vadodara: Teachers in the schools running under Primary Schools Committee of Vadodara District Panchayat have adopted a unique way to welcome students into the classroom under the ‘Bal Satkar’ program which kickstarted on July 1.

“We had come across a video on Whatsapp of a foreign country where teachers had adopted a unique way to welcome students into the classroom. In the video, the students used to point towards one of the signs put up outside the classroom. The teacher used to imitate the sign and welcomed the student in the same way. For instance, if the student pointed towards the ‘namaste’ sign, the teacher welcomed the student into the classroom with folded hands,” Heena Bhatt, Principal of Harni Primary School in Vadodara said.

“We took inspiration from this video and started the ‘Bal Satkar’ program in the schools under Vadodara District Panchayat. The student-teacher relationship has improved after application of this concept in schools and the attendance of students has also been boosted,” she added.

“We are liking this concept. Earlier we were scared of the teachers but after the ‘Bal Satkar’ program has started, we have started enjoying coming to school,” Isha Patel, a student said.