Teacher dies while teaching Quran in the class

Riyadh: Holy Qur’an teachers breathed his last while teaching students in the class room at Hisham bin Hakeem Elementary School in Riyadh.

According to news published in Arab News, Fahad Al-Hajji began feeling breathlessness during the lesson and asked one of the students to call upon the principal, repeatedly saying:

“I’m very tired.” But before Al-Hajji was hurried to the hospital, he recited the shahadah and breathed his last.

Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakheel together with millions of citizens offered condolences and prayers for Al-Hajji.

“Teaching is not just a job. Rather, teachers carry and spread a great message with upmost honesty and trust … rest in peace our colleague,” the minister tweeted.

Al-Hajji was always committed to performing his duties as a teacher and was loved by all, said another teacher.

“He was one of the best teachers professionally, morally, and spiritually, and thus deserves all our prayers,” said his colleague Yousef Al-Shaeie.