Teacher asks grade 1 students to slap themselves hard 100 times

Beijing: A first-grade primary school teacher in China’s Shandong province has been accused of ordering her students to slap themselves hard on the face 100 times, a media report said on Friday.

According to the parents, the teacher at the Hanyu Primary school was in a bad mood at the time, news daily reported.
Some pupils said their face, ears and mouth turned red, as the teacher told them to slap hard until it made a sound.

A total of 56 students slapped themselves 100 times, except for the leader of the class.
All the students were aged between six and seven.

The school principal has confirmed that the teacher has been removed from her post, and the local education department has reprimanded her for abusing the children.
The principal also said that the teacher was a new recruit without any prior teaching experience.