Teach political leaders a lesson in Warangal as in Bihar: Zaheeruddin Ali Khan

Bihar voters taught lesson to those who indulged in hate politics and made them bite the dust. But instead of rejoicing over the Bihar results, secular minded people should promote the experience of Bihar in other states of the country and expel power brokers from their parties so that party’s image could be restored. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan said this while addressing a round table conference held by Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee at Gandhi Bhawan on the topic of Bihar poll results and their impact on Telangana.

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah , Mallu Ravi ex MP, Dr. Shrawan Kumar, Prof. Ayoob Ali Khan, Dr. Shoaib, Prof. Ansari and others addressed on the occasion.

Continuing his speech Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan told that the main cause behind the defeat of BJP and its alliance was the judiciousness of Bihar people. He told that RSS and its outfits never want Muslims and Dalits to come closer to the power. RSS President Mohan Bhagwat once again tried to create restlessness among Dalits and other backward classes along with Muslims by raising reservation issue for which BJP had to pay the price. Mr. Khan claimed that Muslims and Dalits are sold in whole sale in the hands of self proclaimed leaderships. He stressed the need to give chance to youth in political field to create alternative to the self-proclaimed leaders of SC, ST, BC and Muslims who are causing embarrassment to them.

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah accused RSS, VHP and the like, of spreading hatred by raising issues like cow and Tipu Sultan. He maintained that Tipu Sultan Shaheed was counted among those rajas who sacrificed their lives to free their country from the Britishers. Due to the farsightedness of Tipu Sultan the South India was saved from the occupation of Britishers but today some communal forces are nefariously trying to dub him as anti Hindu and anti-Christian.

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