Tea seller in MP celebrates purchase of smartphone by taking out procession

Shivpuri: A tea seller celebrated the purchase of a smartphone for his five-year-old daughter by taking out a procession here in Madhya Pradesh, with people dancing to drum beats and the girl seated on a decorated horse carriage.

The man claimed it was his family’s first smartphone, bought at a cost of Rs 12,500.

A video of the celebration, held on Monday night, went viral on social media.

In the clip, the girl and her siblings were seen sitting on the horse carriage decked up with lights, with a song being played on a loudspeaker and people dancing in a procession.

Murari Kushwaha, who earns his living by selling tea, told reporters on Tuesday that after be purchased the hand set, a procession was taken out from the mobile phone shop to his home in an old area of Shivpuri town, with drum beats, horse carriage and fireworks.

Later, he gave a party to his friends at home, the man said.

He said his five-year-old daughter had been requesting him since a long time to get a mobile phone for her.

Kushwaha said he had promised her that when he buys the phone, the entire city will witness it.

Since he was short of the required amount, the mobile phone shopkeeper allowed him to buy the gadget on loan, he said.