TDP will fight to provide SC status to converted Christians: Andhra CM

Guntur: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has assured that his government will give the status of Scheduled Castes to converted Christians.

While making the promise, the Chief Minister urged the Christian community to stand with the TDP in the forthcoming elections.

Naidu, who participated in Christmas celebrations organised by the state government, said, “Christmas is the day when all people share love and peace. Christian missionaries served great for education and health. We saw Mother Teresa, how she served society. Our government has spent Rs 250 crores for Christians in these four years. We will fight for giving the SC status to converted Christians and till then we will support you. I assure you to develop Guntur general hospital with six acres of additional land.”

Talking about the development works, the Chief Minister said that the Andhra Pradesh government will provide full economic support for the construction of churches in the state.

“For Christian Bhavan, we gave two acres land and Rs 10 crores. Now, we are allotting additional six crores as per your appeals. We will provide full economic support for the construction of churches even without contribution. We will give 24 December as an optional holiday. We will spend Rs 100 crores to develop burial grounds for Christians,” he added.

Concluding his speech, Naidu stated that the TDP government respects all the religions and always work for the needy people.

“Our government respects all religions and work for the poor. Despite Centre’s non-cooperation, we are providing many welfare schemes. For Christian girls’ marriage, we are giving Rs 50,000. I assure you we will support all the poor people,” he said.