TD and CPM calls CM’s initiative as ‘publicity stunt’

Hyderabad: The Telugu Desam and the CPM in their statements called CM’s initiative as a ‘publicity stunt’ on Sunday when CM requested artists and poets to prepare songs and dramas in order to make the initiatives taken by the Government for the welfare of the farmers memorable.

CPM MLA Sunnam Rajaiah criticized CM’s new initiative, saying this act was focused on the farmers’ community, only to divert their attention from worrying over their profit shares for produces like paddy, chili, red gram and others.

He asks why didn’t the Government so far taken any action for sanctioning any relief towards the farmers who have lost their produce due to nature and un-genuine seeds, “The state government did not provide succour to the families of those farmers who committed suicide, yet it wants publicity in the form of poets and writers coming out with various theme songs and dramas”.

He also asks as promised to bring the Seed Act three years ago, why has the government not made it official yet.
“Without providing relief, which the farmers want, it is not proper for the government to go for publicity gimmicks, says Rajaiah.

Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy, Former MP and TD member said this act of CM is an attempt to insult farmers who are currently experiencing the worst today.

“It’s only a bid to cover up the state government’s failure to provide better prices for farmers’ produce across the state,” he said.

Mr Reddy says the government is only deceiving farmers and the public by not making a clear cut policy on Agriculture and farming sector.

“The theme songs and dramas on the so-called welfare of the farmers is intended to benefit only the TRS party workers,” said Reddy.

He further states “What kind of song do the poets have to write about? Free fertilizer supply that is supposed to take place only next May? I appeal to the poets and artists that they better write songs highlighting the pitiable condition of farmers and send them to the Chief Minister”, as reported in DC