TD chief promoting Lokesh: YSRCP

The YSR Congress Party found fault with the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naiu for his statement that the YSR Congress was creating hurdles in the development of state and capital construction.

Addressing the media persons here on Friday, YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu lashed out at the TD chief saying that Mr Naidu had made it a habit to blame the Opposition for his own failures. He said that YSRC was not creating hurdles in the development of the state or in the capital construction but was against the TD chief’s alleged corrupt practices and methods.

He alleged that the TDP chief was trying to fool the people of state in the name of development. There are numerous irregularities in the methods the TD government is adopting in taking up various projects. He took pot shots at the TD chief saying that the Swiss Challenge Model adopted by the state government was not viable and was stayed by the High Court. Despite objections by the experts panel on the Swiss Challenge method, the TDP Government went ahead with the same and this shows that TD Government was hell bent on going ahead on this.

Ambati Rambabu alleged that the TD chief had misled the state on the Polavaram project. He alleged that TD chief was promoting his son Lokesh and was planning to make him the Chief Minister of the state.

Referring to the extortions of gangster Nayeem, the YSRCP leader said that “there was tax in Telangana called Nayeem-tax, similarly a tax is being imposed in AP named Lokesh-tax. Lokesh mean corruption, he said. (INN)