Tata to showcase two-door sportscar at Geneva

New Delhi: Tata has introduced its new sub-brand, TAMO, that aims to transform the auto market and, as Tata calls, it is ‘FutuReady’. Under the sub-brand TAMO, a compact two-door coupe will firstly be introduced. Although, no details except a few pictures of the concept under drapes have been shared, it will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.

First step – a sports car!

TAMO’s first offering will be, what looks like, a compact two-door coupe. Sadly, the brand has shared nothing more than a picture of the concept under drapes. But, it does look super exciting. Tata Motors have confirmed that the official debut will take place in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

But, what exactly is TAMO?

TAMO will function as a separate vertical, under the Tata Motors’ passenger vehicle division. Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO at Tata Motors, stressed that the sub-brand will focus on low investment, low volume products. TAMO will also network with global tech startups and companies in a bid to stay ahead of the curve and be agile in delivering products to the market.

Tata currently uses six different platforms that underpins everything from the Nano to the new Hexa and the Tiago. The brand will be reducing that to just two. The new platform is called ‘AMP’ — that’s short for ‘Advanced Modular Platform’. The platform can serve as the base for everything from a hatchback to a full-blown SUV. Tata has also let slip the fact that the platform will support electrification, hybridization, and autonomous driving tech as well!

The first product to be based on the new AMP platform will be rolled out in 2018. Subsequently, all products will be moved to the new platform or phased out altogether.

We expect TAMO to push the envelope with respect to design and drivetrains. It is too early to comment on what’s likely to be on offer. Let’s wait and watch.