Tar laid on road near Taj Mahal – over sleeping dog

AGRA: Animal rights activists are up in arms after a video went viral showing how callously a fresh layer of tar on a road to the Taj Mahal was laid burying a sleeping dog by workers of a private company.

Police said an FIR had been registered on a complaint by a Hindutva leader.

Social activist Naresh Paras told IANS: “The dog was sleeping or perhaps not well. Instead of removing it, the workers poured hot coal-tar from a hot mix plant to lay a new layer on the road…

“When some people brought this to the notice of the police, the response was not as prompt. But some Hindutva activists took up the issue and demonstrated at the police station. (Minister) Maneka Gandhi was informed. This forced the police to act.”


The private contractor said an inquiry was on.

An animal rights activist said: “Assuming the dog was dead, they should have removed it, instead of laying a road over it.”